Project “KOST – Competencies Strengthen!”

Unfortunately, anti-Semitism did not disappear as a world view or resentment after the Shoah, it only developed along the lines of social acceptance of the conditions under which it was articulated. Conspiracy theories are currently experiencing a boom in all social classes and anti-Semitic incidents are increasing significantly year after year.

The strengthening and sensitization of teachers and educators in child and youth work and in (sports) clubs in particular is urgently required so that educational work can take place directly with children and young people. Prejudices are broken down in protected spaces for exchange, encounters and empowerment.

In addition, the Stern Club not only offers

  • Imparting knowledge about Jewish life in Unna and Germany, e.g. by visiting synagogues with a subsequent round of talks for educators, schoolchildren and interested parties

on, but also

  • Expert lectures on the topic “Prevention of anti-Semitism”
  • Training courses for teachers and educators
  • Accompaniment of memorial trips
  • Film screening (Masel Tov Cocktail) followed by a discussion with the director Arkadij Khaet

All offers take place in cooperation with the integration center of the city of Unna and the community “haKochaw”.